The international version of 64-bit Opera make it available to choose one of the supported language options. After you have been started the installation if the offered language is not an option for you, you can choose custom option. Next you can select the right language from a list.

  • Version: 12.18
  • Date: 2016-02-15
  • Size: 13.88 MB
  • File: Opera_1218_int_Setup_x64.exe
  • Freeware

md5: 53dc3148d5a9a8f781c8eccf2af8bc63


Filename Size Date
An executable file Opera_1200_int_Setup_x64.exe 12.92 MB 2012-06-14
An executable file Opera_1201_int_Setup_x64.exe 12.94 MB 2012-08-02
An executable file Opera_1202_int_Setup_x64.exe 12.94 MB 2012-08-30
An executable file Opera_1210_int_Setup_x64.exe 13.41 MB 2012-11-06
An executable file Opera_1211_int_Setup_x64.exe 13.41 MB 2012-11-20
An executable file Opera_1212_int_Setup_x64.exe 13.42 MB 2012-12-18
An executable file Opera_1213_int_Setup_x64.exe 13.84 MB 2013-01-30
An executable file Opera_1214_int_Setup_x64.exe 13.84 MB 2013-02-05
An executable file Opera_1215_int_Setup_x64.exe 13.86 MB 2013-04-04
An executable file Opera_1216_int_Setup_x64.exe 13.81 MB 2013-07-04
An executable file Opera_1217_int_Setup_x64.exe 13.82 MB 2014-04-23
An executable file Opera_1218_int_Setup_x64.exe 13.88 MB 2016-02-15


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