We help you on this page with easy download links and useful information about 64-bit Opera application running under Windows OS. The 64-bit Opera needs some kind of 64-bit Windows OS. In most cases it is recommended to install the latest versions. In some cases (development, compatibility, test) it could be useful to install older versions.

  • Version: 58.0.3135.68
  • Date: 2019-02-20
  • Size: 52.26 MB
  • File: Opera_58.0.3135.68_Setup_x64.exe
  • Freeware

md5: 077855107563aaeae7fdf664647d89b6
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Filename Size Date
An executable file Opera_58.0.3135.68_Setup_x64.exe 52.26 MB 2019-02-20
An executable file Opera_58.0.3135.65_Setup_x64.exe 52.27 MB 2019-02-12
An executable file Opera_58.0.3135.53_Setup_x64.exe 52.24 MB 2019-01-30
An executable file Opera_58.0.3135.47_Setup_x64.exe 52.29 MB 2019-01-23
An executable file Opera_57.0.3098.116_Setup_x64.exe 51.21 MB 2019-01-09
An executable file Opera_57.0.3098.110_Setup_x64.exe 51.12 MB 2019-01-03
An executable file Opera_57.0.3098.106_Setup_x64.exe 50.72 MB 2018-12-19
An executable file Opera_57.0.3098.102_Setup_x64.exe 50.68 MB 2018-12-13



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